Happy New Year!

Centerpoint Institute, like most non-profits, is dependent on volunteers in order to have the man power to continue with the mission, which is: “Providing lifelong tools to navigate uncertainty, build meaningful careers, and design courageous lives”. Our... read more

Gratefulness Is A State Of Mind

It’s quite common to hear all about being grateful this time of year. It’s contagious, it’s top of mind, and it’s wonderful. Imagine that warm fuzzy feeling year round! Gratefulness is a state of mind, no doubt about it. However, that’s... read more

Introducing Centerpoint

An obvious part of my role (and one of my favorites!) at Centerpoint Institute is to spread the word about our mission and impact. Everyone I meet, professionally and casually, learns at least some small aspect about our vision, our client base, and our commitment of... read more

The Art of Letting Go

Letting go is hard. Some of us are better at it than others. Age tends to lead to easier acceptance. But for the most part, it requires a process. It’s rarely quick and painless. Instead it’s a range of emotions, weighing options, making lists, talking to... read more

I’ve Got That Summer Feeling…

I absolutely love Seattle Summers! There is so much to do, the weather is worth waiting for (and boy do we wait for it) and most of us lose our sunglasses at least. Sigh. I loved those ones. Visitors galore, days in the water, festivals, fun…what’s not to... read more

Where is Your Energy?

For the fourth consecutive morning, it was a battle to get out of bed. “What the heck is going on?!”, I asked myself. I’m getting more sleep than typical (miracle!), my nutrition has been good…there is no reason for me to be this tired and slow... read more

You’re a Good Friend

Recently, I witnessed a beautiful speech by a man toasting his neighbor of nearly 30 years, who was retiring. As a past rock climber, the “toaster” likened friendship to climbing …noting that he chooses his friends based on who he wants holding his... read more

How Strong Are Your Roots?

Root Noun: A source or cause. A supporting or essential part. Verb: To fix the roots of in the ground. To establish. To begin growing by putting out roots. For those who know me well know I absolutely love trees. I didn’t see many trees growing up in Arizona... read more

Create the Life You Want & Imagine a World

Create the Life You Want & Imagine a World by Leah Krieger on Wednesday, April 15, 2015  in Life Fulfillment Many times throughout our lives we question if we are on the right path. We find ourselves in the weeds wondering how we got there and what happened to our... read more


Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion and mercy. It later came to mean “hello” or “good-bye” as well. This one word has such a positive, well-wishing context that I very much look forward to using it this week! As... read more

Spring has Sprung!

It sure looks like Spring has arrived, quite early at that! It’s all we can talk about, we’re so excited for the changing of Seasons. Spring brings new growth, renewal and a shift in energy. This can be very indicative for how “Spring” feels on... read more

New Day Northwest with Carol Vecchio

On Monday, January 5th Centerpoint’s Founder, Carol Vecchio appeared as a guest on KING 5’s “New Day Northwest” discussing her book, The Time Between Dreams, why the new year is a perfect time for a job change, and much more! If the video above... read more

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015! I know this will be a great year for Centerpoint Institute! Last year we were very much in a growth/strategy phase, and this year is all about getting it done. We are blessed to have such an incredibly supportive community, thank you for your... read more

Happy Holidays!

Thank you all for your role in the constant evolution of Centerpoint Institute. Today Centerpoint continues to be a unique and life changing resource for those in transition, and looking to transform their lives by finding work with purpose and passion.

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